One of the final touches to each Speedback is the beautifully handcrafted badges, created by true artisans

Fattorini is a family-run business, founded in 1827 by Antonio Fattorini; an Italian speaking immigrant who established a number of retail outlets specialising in jewellery, watches and fancy goods. Today, Fattorini continues to implement a unique combination of traditional jewellery and silversmith skills blended with state of the art technology in order to provide beautifully handcrafted badges and emblems.

The David Brown Automotive badge is produced using CAD data, combined with craftsmen’s die-sinking skills. The badge inlay is formed by pressing the metal into a blank and the recesses are then filled by a mixture of jewellery ground vitreous enamel and water. This enamel is then fired at around 800°C and any surplus enamel is linished away, inclusions removed and shallow areas filled. A final firing puts the glaze back onto the surface and the badge is then hand polished before nickel and chrome plating are applied to give the final decorative and protective mirror finish and lustre.

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