Forming high-precision flawless panels through the latest technology in CNC machining, lasering and welding combined with artisan sheet metal work

The flawless sweeping lines on the aluminium body of each Speedback are the results of state-of-the-art technology and handcraftsmanship.

David Brown Automotive prides itself in accepting nothing less than perfection when it comes to working closely with Envisage who use highly advanced and precise engineering, CNC machining, lasering and welding.

This use of technology forms the basis for a team of skilled artisans to create, by hand, the perfectly accurate, close tolerance panels which form the body of each vehicle. In total, 2,000 man hours are required for the production of only the body panels of each Speedback.

It is this combination of 21st Century technology and handcraftsmanship that makes Speedback so special. A thoroughly modern and technically advanced grand tourer, with the heart and soul of a classic.

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