Lawrence Automotive

Speedback’s beautifully appointed cabin is enriched in British heritage, encapsulating quality materials and handcraftsmanship

Lawrence Automotive is an established and dedicated supplier of real wood, aluminium and carbon fibre trim. The origins of the company date back to 1875 as a furniture manufacturer in Nottingham, UK, but today the company pride themselves on an established network which provides the experience, technology and craftsmanship necessary to complete Speedback’s unique interior.

Crafted by British artisans, each Speedback is trimmed to ensure a consistent, yet individual, interior is achieved. The veneers are pressed into shape using a traditional vacuum press, then whitewood sanded and coated with five layers of protective lacquer. Each wood insert is hand sanded before being polished and waxed. Finally, several layers of scratch resistant top coat are applied.

Our customers can select any wood finish that they desire, safe in the knowledge that our veneering process will provide a bespoke and elegant feature to the cabin of their Speedback.

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