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  • Order Diazepam
  • April / 27 / 2017

    Buy Zolpidem Online India

    – Mini Remastered will make its UK public debut at The London Motor Show from 4th – 7th May 2017

    – On display in the Luxury Cars Hall will be a Mini Remastered ‘Inspired by Café Racers’ model and a MY17 Speedback GT

    – Mini Remastered is completely handbuilt using traditional coachbuilding techniques at new Silverstone-based HQ in UK

    – David Brown Automotive also celebrates Top Marques Monaco success and considerable pre-order pipeline since April unveiling

    Coventry, England (28th April, 2017): David Brown Automotive is delighted to invite visitors to its stand at The London Motor Show from 4th to 7th May, for the UK public debut of its eagerly awaited Mini Remastered model.

    Mini Remastered takes a quintessentially British automotive icon and remasters it for the 21st Century, blending modern technology and connectivity with bespoke coachbuilding techniques. Based on a classic Mini, David Brown Automotive’s inspiration is intended to be the ultimate blend of modern and classic design for stylish town and city driving.

    Remastered from the ground up, each car is handbuilt in the UK using traditional coachbuilding methods, and takes up to 1,000 man hours to create. The exterior shape has been refined and visually softened by de-seaming the silhouette, additional support has also been added through bespoke beams and additional struts for rigidity. The engine and gearbox have been fully refurbished and the company are able to offer up to 50% extra power output from the original unit.

    Teamed with a fully reconditioned four-speed manual gearbox, upgraded suspension and brakes, David Brown Automotive has also placed enormous emphasis on reliability, integrity and driving dynamics. In-car comfort and technology also plays a large part in every Mini Remastered. Each car comes with power steering, heated windscreen and air conditioning as standard, alongside an in-built infotainment and navigation system powered by Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a four-speaker sound system, keyless-go, USB connectivity and charging, as well as push-button start and remote central locking.

    Showcased within the Luxury Cars Hall, visitors to The London Motor Show will be the very first in the UK to see the all-new Mini Remastered by David Brown Automotive in the metal, in special edition ‘Inspired by Café Racers’ specification. Alongside the latest Mini Remastered model, David Brown Automotive will also display its revered MY2017 Speedback GT.

    Fresh from the company’s trip to Monaco for the Top Marques show, the David Brown Automotive team are also delighted to announce that they have already begun to take pre-orders for build slot reservations following the car’s launch in April 2017 and have received an overwhelming response to Mini Remastered following its global reveal.

    “It’s great to be home in London, and I can’t wait to show visitors our new Mini Remastered alongside the car that started it all, Speedback GT,” said company founder David Brown. “The team have already taken number of pre-orders for Mini Remastered, we’re currently building the 12th Speedback GT and nearing completion on our all-new HQ at Silverstone in the UK. I’m tremendously excited for the future and delighted to be sharing our next model at The London Motor Show next week.”

    With over 237 developments since the prototype’s launch in 2014, the MY17 Speedback GT combines the style of a classic grand tourer with modern engineering, technology and conveniences. Much like Mini Remastered, each car is created with traditional coachbuilding techniques and each limited-edition Speedback GT is commissioned by the individual and handbuilt to order – a process that takes over 8,000 man hours.

    Launched in 2014, Speedback GT set the standard and ethos for David Brown Automotive and its all-new Mini Remastered is the second in a line of classic-inspired, coachbuilt, luxury cars from the marque. Building in stature, the company has stayed true to its British roots and recently moved its HQ and manufacturing facility to Silverstone, UK. A stone’s throw away from the home of British motorsport, the new HQ will also incorporate a new design and sales studio, due to open in summer 2017.



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    Pick up the latest issue of Buy Generic Diazepam Uk & find out which of David Brown's belongings inspired him. For your ow… Order Ambien Online
    - Saturday Feb 16 - 6:58pm