June / 12 / 2019

Mini Remastered, ‘Dark Necessities’

SILVERSTONE, UNITED KINGDOM, (12 JUNE 2019): To emulate the darting light patterns of the universe, we have devised a range of iridescent exterior paint finishes for our customers to choose from, giving each viewer a unique interpretation.

This particular Mini Remastered showcases our ‘Dark Necessities’ finish and provides a truly enigmatic experience, as the eye flicks from bonnet to boot, in an attempt to decipher the underlying colours.

To accentuate the gold flake under-tones, we have utilised the same gold finish to hand-paint the roof coachline and the 12″ classic alloy wheels, completing this truly unique specification.

By continuing the exterior theme, we have lifted the British full grain black interior leather by using contrast gold stitching. Flanking the door armrest is a Fulton umbrella, laser printed with the David Brown Automotive logo, ensuring you are aptly prepared for the demands of your day trip.

To begin creating your own Mini Remastered or Speedback GT, or learn more about the new options and accessories, please get in touch with one of our Sales Representatives.

For more information about our upcoming events, please contact us here.

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