October / 4 / 2023

First Mini eMastered delivered to Simon Cowell

Silverstone, UK (4th October 2023): David Brown Automotive has delivered one of the first customer examples of its recently revealed, all-new, all-electric Mini eMastered to world renowned music mogul and television star, Simon Cowell.

The news follows the launch of the Mini eMastered model from David Brown Automotive: a classic Mini remastered as a luxurious, clean city car, designed for the roads of today and tomorrow.

The arrival of Mini eMastered heralds the dawn of an exciting new era for David Brown Automotive, an iconic British brand recognised the world over for its hand-built automotive creations. Each bespoke, highly personalised David Brown Automotive effortlessly blends British craftsmanship and engineering innovation with timeless design and total luxury.

As with all the British firm’s carefully modernised commissions, Cowell’s bespoke Mini eMastered has been hand-built from the ground up over the course of hundreds of hours, using a new strengthened and de-seamed donor shell, lavishly appointed inside and out, and fitted with a modern, simple to use EV powertrain.

Cowell comments: This has always been my dream car. It was on my wish list; one day I wanted to have a classic Mini. Then I read about this company, and I thought, I’ve got to have one of those.

“I have to say, of all the cars I’ve ever had in my life, this is my favourite, this is a keeper. When I went to the factory, you could tell that every single person had really given their heart and soul into this, there’s so much passion behind it… you know this car has character.”

EV technology in a timeless package

Cowell initially ordered a Mini Remastered from David Brown Automotive in 2019, but following its delivery, decided he would like to modernise it further, with an all-electric powertrain. His original Mini Remastered was then re-worked by David Brown Automotive into a Mini eMastered and is now fitted with a whisper-quiet, clean, and effortlessly powerful all-electric drivetrain. It’s the ultimate electric city runabout, combining timeless style with modern electric vehicle technology, making it an ideal car to drive around town or in the countryside.

Thanks to a compact Zonic 70 electric motor, emitting 72kW (97hp) and 175 Nm of instant torque, the Mini eMastered is also sure to come out on top in the traffic light grand prix and will run on to an electronically limited top speed of 92mph.

The electric technology in each Mini eMastered is neatly packaged inside the classic Mini shape. 18.8kWh of batteries are housed under the skin. This ‘right sized’ battery ensures that weight is kept low, so the Mini’s trademark ‘go-kart’ performance is retained. In fact, thanks to David Brown Automotive’s engineering ingenuity, this modernised version weighs no more than a classic original petrol model.

As Cowell explains: “I’ve never ever driven a car in my life which is remotely close to a go kart – apart from this, it’s brilliant. This is the closest I’ve got because it is low. Now with the electric motor, you’ve got that immediate torque, so you have instant acceleration as soon as you hit the accelerator, that’s the beauty of driving electric.”

Thanks to its light weight and excellent efficiency, Mini eMastered can cover 110 miles on a charge (WLTP certified) and can be recharged on a home wall box in just 3 hours.

An entirely bespoke creation

As with each David Brown Automotive commission, Cowell’s Mini eMastered is an entirely bespoke creation, with a unique specification all its own. Owners can indulge in an extensive array of bespoke options; the sky really is the limit when it comes to tailoring the car – inside and out. The result is a car built to the exact preferences of the owner, for a truly personalised, exclusive driving experience.

Cowell therefore has been able to let his imagination run wild: “The great thing about David Brown Automotive is, genuinely, whatever colour you want, inside, outside – whatever you want they can do it. That’s the fun of it, you’re designing and creating the car you want.”

The interior of Mini eMastered also features all the latest technology, for total convenience. There’s a thoroughly modern, integrated infotainment system, featuring Bluetooth connectivity and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, mirroring the seamless integration of a technological EV platform.

It all adds up to ensure that Mini eMastered is a truly usable classic city car. It embraces new technologies throughout for a user-friendly driving experience, raising the bar for owners seeking a modern classic that offers a clean, quiet, and convenient driving experience.

Cowell concludes: “David Brown Automotive are so passionate about what they do; they love the cars more than I do, genuinely. That’s why this has been so much fun.”

Michelle Gay, Sales, & Marketing Director, David Brown Automotive, adds: “We’re delighted to reveal Simon Cowell’s car – one of the very first customer examples of our new Mini eMastered – to the world. It’s been a real delight to work with Simon, from start to finish, and we’re thrilled to have been able to bring his vision for an all-electric, entirely personalised Mini eMastered to life.

“This is the perfect way to kick off David Brown Automotive’s electric future. Mini eMastered is a machine that appeals to both the head and the heart. It blends the classic looks of an automotive design icon with modern convenience and an ultra-responsive, clean electric performance – all underpinned by our signature, bespoke, British handcraftsmanship. It’s a model that reaffirms David Brown Automotive’s leading position in the luxury automotive industry.”

David Brown Automotive’s entry into electric mobility allows enthusiasts and collectors to commission their own electrified model, while current Mini Remastered owners can also convert existing, petrol-powered variants.

Watch the full video with Simon Cowell and Formula E presenter, Nicki Shields here.

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