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  • Order Diazepam
  • July / 21 / 2016

    Buy Phentermine Using Paypal

    Coventry, England (19th July 2016): Hot on the heels of the manufacturer’s Germany-based showroom launch, David Brown Automotive has announced it will be attending the Classic Days motoring festival with Speedback GT on 5th to 11th August.

    Now in its 11th year, the classic car motoring event takes place at Schloss Dyck, one of the Rhineland’s most important water castles, and sees over 40,000 visitors throughout the course of the event. The picturesque setting will see a number of hand-picked, rare, luxury and classic automobiles on public display, including the British-made David Brown Automotive Speedback GT.

    David Brown Automotive will be exhibiting alongside classic car leasing firm COMCO with its Brand Representative for the region, Marcus Keller. Keller, who also leads COMCO’s classic car leasing division, possesses not only a tremendous enthusiasm for beautiful automobiles, but also a wealth of classic and high-end contemporary car knowledge.

    At the forefront of the display, direct from the British manufacturer’s showroom in Germany, David Brown Automotive will showcase a Speedback GT bespoke luxury sports car. The car displayed will be left-hand drive specification, with a Green Manalishi exterior colour, 19” wire wheels and a handcrafted interior comprising of contrast Bank of England and Amazon Green coloured Scottish leathers. Finished with Dark Walnut Burr veneers, the limited production number #002 car is sure to turn heads at the automotive themed event.

    “It’s an amazing opportunity to be invited to attend the Classic Days event” says company founder David Brown. “Since launching the showroom here in Germany at Classic Remise we’ve had fantastic feedback for the car and the brand. I’m delighted to be bringing Speedback GT to the event and to share it with automotive fans here in the Rhineland, especially considering the castle’s gorgeous backdrop.”

    Speedback GT is designed and manufactured in Britain. It has the quintessential style of a classic grand tourer combined with a modern, fully engineered and proven platform. Boasting the very latest in drivetrain technology, the car is built using modern engineering techniques, while retaining high levels of handcraftmanship. Each vehicle is built by skilled coachbuilders and takes over 3,200 man-hours to create. Combined with its sleek, sporty and elegant Sixties-inspired looks, Speedback GT is sure to catch the eye and imagination of thousands of visitors to the show.




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    Fighter jet-inspired and taking inspiration from our base at Buy Generic Diazepam Uk, the cockpit of… Order Ambien Online
    - Tuesday Feb 19 - 8:00pm