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  • Order Diazepam
  • April / 18 / 2018

    Zolpidem 5Mg Buy Online

    – Limited production Speedback Silverstone Edition will be showcased at the London Motor Show 2018 as part of the ‘Built in Britain’ exhibition

    – Production specification Mini Remastered showcased alongside Speedback Silverstone Edition

    – First public appearance in the UK of Speedback Silverstone Edition

    – Mini Remastered is shown as a special edition ‘Inspired by Monte Carlo’, limited to 25 examples

    – On display on Stand B5240 from Thursday 17th May to Sunday 20th May 2018

    Silverstone, England (17th May 2018): David Brown Automotive’s new limited production model, Speedback Silverstone Edition, will be showcased alongside Mini Remastered as part of the ‘Built in Britain’ exhibition at the London Motor Show 2018.

    Limited to just 10 examples and handbuilt in Silverstone, UK, Speedback Silverstone Edition celebrates the 1960’s Jet Age and Silverstone’s historic motorsport and aeronautical heritage, blending traditional handcrafted coachbuilding techniques and modern performance with 601 horsepower.

    On display alongside Speedback Silverstone Edition, David Brown Automotive will be showcasing Mini Remastered, a bespoke and built-to-order recreation of the classic icon, for the 21st century. Mini Remastered is fitted with an advanced electronically-assisted power steering system, air conditioning, electrically controlled windows, keyless start and a Bluetooth®, DAB, 3G and 4G enabled infotainment system, offering modern connectivity with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto® capabilities.

    Having left the Silverstone build facility alongside the first bespoke customer deliveries, Mini Remastered is showcased as a limited production, special edition, ‘Inspired by Monte Carlo’.

    You can find Speedback Silverstone Edition and Mini Remastered on stand B5240 in the ‘Built in Britain’ exhibition at ExCeL London from Thursday, 17th May to Sunday, 20th May 2018.

    Speedback Silverstone Edition is priced from £620,000.00 GBP plus taxes, duties and shipping, and Mini Remastered is priced from £75,000.00 GBP plus taxes, duties and shipping. Both are available worldwide in either left-hand or right-hand drive.

    Further details on the London Motor Show 2018 can be found Buy Generic Diazepam Uk.

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    Pick up the latest issue of Order Ambien Online & find out which of David Brown's belongings inspired him. For your ow… Buy Diazepam Malaysia
    - Saturday Feb 16 - 6:58pm