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  • Order Diazepam
  • Buy Generic Diazepam Uk

    Soma 350 Mg Price

    David Brown Automotive is a design-led British automobile manufacturer.

    Founded in 2013, David Brown Automotive has gained worldwide presence and brand recognition, with an ethos based around quality, classic design, handcraftsmanship, ingenuity, dedication and passion.


    Our vehicles use a mixture of newly engineered and donor vehicle components. You will be working as a key member of the Electrical Engineering team to ensure that electrical issues are diagnosed and resolved quickly and efficiently with an engineered solution. The role is based at our build facility and headquarters in Silverstone.


    • Degree, HNC, HND
    • Minimum 8 years of automotive electrical experience – some experience of classic/older vehicles would be useful, but is not essential
    • Able to proficiently use meters and scopes, create looms, read schematics, create small electronic circuits, solder and diagnose issues from first principles
    • Able to manage and nurture supplier relationships
    • Responsible for issues with any electrical system
    • Ensure that the electrical systems are fully integrated and functioning without error
    • Diagnosis of electrical issues from first principals using diagnostic kit, oscilloscopes, CANalyzer
    • Resolve issues immediately through engineered solutions. You will be expected to drive through your solutions to conclusion with automotive suppliers.
    • Able to create small electronic modules (where appropriate e.g. suppression boxes).


    • Experience of working with niche, premium quality vehicles
    • You must thrive in a fast-paced environment with limited supervision
    • Effectively manage and prioritise multiple ongoing tasks
    • A great eye for detail and an understanding of the premium quality of David Brown Automotive models
    • Ability to work successfully as part of a team
    • Ability to demonstrate a flexible approach to tasks
    • Ability to challenge others to deliver results
    • Must have authorisation to work and remain in the UK


    40 hours per week, Monday – Friday


    Closing date for applications: 31st  March 2019

    Interested? Apply here:

    Order Ambien Online
    • Accepted file types: doc, pdf, docx.
    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

    Please note that by submitting your application you're agreeing to our Buy Diazepam Malaysia and our Order Diazepam Australia

    Soma 350 Mg Price

    Pick up the latest issue of Buy Loose Valium & find out which of David Brown's belongings inspired him. For your ow… Buy Dog Diazepam
    - Saturday Feb 16 - 6:58pm